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Raincoats for Women - Trendscender

Raincoats for Women

Raincoats for women who live in or are planning to travel to wetter climates come in varying styles. These coats are developed specifically for rainy weather allowing air to pass through but keeping moisture out – important for those humid rainy days when you may be busting a sweat. Check out our favorite types of raincoats below, these styles are bound to make you happy when it’s raining!

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Colored Raincoats for Women

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If you’re going to be walking in gloomy weather, you may as well make your apparel count. Take a style tip from Paddington Bear, dark blue or dark pink raincoats are a great way to make an otherwise dreary day a little brighter.

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A purple raincoat is also a stylish option. It’s a little more subtle than say a bolder pink, and can be paired with trendy scarves to polish your look.

Transparent Raincoat

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A transparent raincoat is a lot more of a style statement. Though you think a see through overlay would be an understated piece, a transparent raincoat is a visual sneak peek of your actual outfit and paired with trendy jewelry can even keep your coat looking chic for an evening event or a dinner date.

Yellow Raincoat

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A yellow raincoat is probably the first thing that comes to mind when you think of this genre of outdoor apparel. It’s a classic wardrobe staple for women who live in colder or rainier climates.

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Though a bold yellow isn’t for everyone, a darker complexion can look absolutely stunning with a canary yellow raincoat. If you don’t want to keep your look boring but still want to maintain a bit of decorum, you can go with a shade of pastel yellow instead.

Red Raincoat

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A red raincoat isn’t all that uncommon. Though we’d suggest staying away from the more latex type of fabric as pictured in the image above, the general look of this red raincoat is quite trendy with it’s shorter hemline and 3/4 sleeves.

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You can try a subtle fabric, also probably better suited for the rain, with a darker shade of red if you feel more comfortable being practical over making a fashion statement.

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There are several different types of raincoats to choose from and we hope we’ve managed to introduce you to a few that may tickle your fancy – if you’re still looking for different coats for different climates, check out our articles on pea coats, vintage leather jackets, faux leather jackets or cape coats.



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