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Pregnancy Fashion for Each Trimester - Trendscender

Pregnancy Fashion for Each Trimester

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For pregnancy fashion, comfort is key. While adjusting to your new body shape may cause frustration, we have put together tips on how you can stylize each trimester to ensure you’re still feeling at your trendiest.


Pregnancy Fashion for the First Trimesterpregnancy-fashion-print

The first trimester poses challenges, figuring out when you’ll reveal the truth about your growing bump to family and friends, adjusting to early pregnancy symptoms and getting used to the changes in your body. There are easy ways to start dressing during your first trimester that ensure secrecy, comfort and style. You can camouflage your growing bump by wearing A-line skirts, empire waisted tops and wrap dresses. Wrap dresses and shirtdresses typically grow with you, you choose how loose or tight you wrap or belt these dresses at every stage of your pregnancy. Silhouettes that flow and fabrics such as silk tend to pull away from the body while faintly outlining your silhouette. Tunics are also great for the first trimester, tight on the arms and shoulders but looser around the waist and also a fabulous way to incorporate bohemian fashion.

You can also invest in a stretchy band or tank tops to help layer under your clothes. If you’re outgrowing your pants and jeans but aren’t curvy enough to purchase maternity  clothes just yet, stretchy bands and tanks that cover the top of your jeans allow you to button up your pants a little lower than usual allowing for room for your beautiful bump.

Oversized cardigans and boyfriend blazers are so on-trend, use these wardrobe staples to add to your layered look.

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