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Pinup Girl Clothing and Style - Trendscender

Pinup Girl Clothing and Style

Pinup girl clothing and fashion became popular through fashion icons such as  Marilyn Monroe in the 1940s and Dita von Teese today. Pinup girls are exude sexiness and lust, they accentuate their assets with confidence and bravado.

If you’re interested in a pinupgirl look, keep reading and find out how! For a plus size pin up look, you can incorporate the trends below or read our article with tips for pinup clothing for voluptuous women.


pinup-girl-clothing-sailorCorsets and Waist Cinchers

Vintage lingerie is also a great way to incorporate the pinup girl aesthetic. A bullet bra or corset under a loosely fitting silk shirt for a fun night out are sure to turn heads. You could also try to incorporate a  waist cincher which is a short corset that starts right under your bust extending just above your hips. It does dual duty as shapewear as well as a sexy accessory on top of your bra and panty set. The waist cincher helps cinch into the narrowest part of your waist but also adds extra sex appeal when paired with the right matching set of panties and bra.

Pinup Girl Clothing

Form fitting dresses are a must for pinup girls. Try bandage dresses, ponte dresses . Florals, polka dots, lace and leapord print are bold patents that help pinup girls stand out. Cigarette pants or high rise shorts also work as bottoms if you prefer not to wear a dress. Lace, sateen or tulle dresses also speak to the 1940s when pin up girls started making their mark. High rise pencil skirts are also a great investment piece for any wardrobe and work for this style.


Statement Hair

Pinup girls have wondrous locks of hair whether it’s in curls or pompadours. Pin curls and victory rolls were widely popular in the 1940s and have always been prominent in rockabilly fashion. They have a sexy sweetness and can amp up any look.

Adding a hair flower or large bow can create a sense of personality in your look. You can even rock a bandana if that’s more your style. If you’re  feeling really adventurous, try a hair bow.

Pretty Pout

Find a bright red shade that works best for your skintone or if a deeper red is better suited for your style then that works too. As long as you’re outlining your cupid’s bow perfectly, it is one of the most standout ways to incorporate a pinup  girl look. While a red is classic pinup girl, if you’re opting for a more modern look you can try a dark purple or fuschia instead.

Pinup girls are sexy, stylish and sassy so pinup girl clothing should reflect your fun and confident personality – no matter what clothes or look you choose, don’t forget to wear a pair of sexy high heels to polish off your look!



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