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Musicals on Broadway Beauty and the Beast Costumes - Trendscender

Musicals on Broadway Beauty and the Beast Costumes

Musicals on Broadway have many theatrical costumes and get ups, my personal favorite had to be Beauty and the Beast which was the first musical I ever had the pleasure of seeing on Broadway. There’s nothing like the escape of a Disney fairy tale even more magical when transformed for live Broadway theatre.

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Musicals on Broadway – Disney’s Beauty and the Beast

New York being the home of many Broadway hits has hosted Beauty and the Beast several times. The story behind this magical musical is based on the 1991 animated Disney film which was inspired by a French fairy tale. What makes this musical a special hit is that between 1994 and 2007, it has had about 5,461 performances resulting in becoming Broadway’s ninth longest-running production in history.

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Costumes for Beauty and the Beast

Costume designers for Broadway are tasked with interpreting a classic animated look to be shown on the Broadway stage and to ensure that their looks, while being recognizable as the same characters, maintain a sense of grandeur and stand out on stage.

musicals on broadway beauty and the beast

Beauty and the Beast costume designer Anne Hould-Ward had the difficult responsibility of making actors look like teapots or candelabras. The challenge was that in the movie, these objects remained the size they were meant to but on stage, they had to have a significant presence but still look smaller in comparison to the beast. Creating the costumes for this musical weren’t an easy feat. It’s said that it took a team of 40 people to create the costume for the candelabra due to all the wiring and support, after all in addition to make the costume passable for a household item, they had to figure out how to light up the hands of the costume.

The costumes for this famous musical and film took inspiration from the late Baroque period which is an 18th-century style.The creative costume designer had to spend time creating several costumes for the actors given that the household objects would soon transition to becoming human in the midst of the musical. You can say Anne Hould-Ward’s adaptation of these characters from film to Broadway was a huge success given her work got her a much deserved Tony Award.

Musicals on Broadway are a must for any inspiring costume designer, creative mind or fashionista, they bring life to the most far fetched fantasies and fairy tales and provide a sense of sweet escape to a magical realm.

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