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Gray Bridesmaid Dresses - Trendscender

Gray Bridesmaid Dresses

Gray bridesmaid dresses are an elegant and unpredictable option for your bridal party. If your maid of honor and bridesmaids are having a hard time deciding on the shade of choice for your bridal party then opt for gray, it’s a timeless color that suits any skin tone and allows you to have more fun with cut and style.

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Gray with a Splash of Color

A fun way to incorporate your bouquet colors with your bridesmaids is picking a gray palette with a splash of color that represents the boldest color in your bouquet. Different cuts and hemlines also help give each bridesmaid her own sense of style and the peek a boo color of choice is an easy and memorable way to bring the bridal party together for one cohesive look.

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Gray Bridesmaid Dress with Drama

To pick an elegant dress with a bit of drama, opt for a ruffled train or fun vintage accessories. The dreariness that comes to mind when considering gray can be overlooked if you think of adding a hint of drama to your bridesmaid dresses, the color downplays the drama to allow for your wedding dress to remain the focal point.

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For a summer wedding, consider gladiator heels paired with a fun fringe dress.

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Gray Metallics

A gray sequined or metallic dress also brings the drama in a big way. While a gray dress is an understated look for a wedding, a metallic or sequined dress steps it up a style notch and would absolutely ravishing in wedding pictures.

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Panel Dress

A laser cut, peek a boo or panel dress is a sleek and sexy way to make a gray bridesmaid dress pop. Bridesmaids can have fun picking the laser cut of their preference and the body part they wish to highlight whether it’s their back, sides or decolletage.

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Vintage Bridesmaid Dress

For a truly retro look, consider ruffled sleeves and a shorter A line hemline. A belt or cinched waist highlights a retro silhouette while ruffled sleeves and an A line or pleated bottom balance out the frame.

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Sheer Bridesmaid Dresses

Play with sheer fabrics if gray bridesmaid dresses seem too boring or drab for your bridal party. A sheer overlay bodice or sleeves make an otherwise dull dress pop. Graphic prints on a gray dress also make a neutral ensemble stand out.

Gray bridesmaid dresses are a unique and fashionable way to dress your bridal party on your special day, the neutral yet elegant color complements any skin tone and gives you the opportunity to play with cut, texture, fabric and style.



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