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Gold Sequin Skirt & Sequin Dresses - How to Wear and Take Care of this Tricky Fabric - Trendscender

Gold Sequin Skirt & Sequin Dresses – How to Wear and Take Care of this Tricky Fabric

A gold sequin skirt or a sequined dress is a staple for the ’70s inspired hipster hippie. The ’70s are making a comeback in a big way this season, hippie and boho trends emerged on the runways of Valentino, Albert Ferretti and Gucci to name a few.

gold sequin skirt kim kardashian


Kim Kardashian Glowing in Gold Sequins.

Gold Sequin Skirt

A gold sequin skirt or metallic sequin skirt is very on trend and is a timeless addition to your wardrobe. Given it’s flashy and less than subtle appearance, a gold sequin skirt can be paired with anything from a basic white t shirt or a vintage leather jacket to mix your grunge and ’70s style.

gold sequin skirt

Sequin Dresses

gold sequin skirt cameron diaz


Cameron Diaz in a beautiful sequined gown for a red carpet event.

Sequin dresses are a great fit for plus size clubbing wear or for a woman of any body shape looking for a fun night out. Sequin dresses are better suited for night events, a dinner date, a formal event or black tie event (we’d lean towards emerald or darker hues for sequins if you are looking for a dress for a black tie event.)

gold sequin skirt kate hudson


Kate Hudson sexy in sequins.

Taking Care of Sequined Clothes

gold sequin skirt runway

Heavily embellished clothing isn’t easy to manage or take care of. Sequin dresses are very fragile, you’re at risk of having sequins fall with every wear but also at risk of losing these embellishments depending on how you put away your gold sequin skirt or sequined dresses. An easy way to prevent sequined garments from losing their luxe is by handwashing the garments inside out or on a delicate cycle. Laying the sequined garment flat to dry can also prevent it from wrinkling or from the sequins tearing off in the dryer.

gold sequin skirt dress jewels

A sequined dress or skirt is likely being reserved for a befitting occasion so you can get by by spot cleaning instead of risking destroying the dress by washing it multiple times. Another method of keeping the sequined garment intact is by placing it in a garment bag that is washer friendly such as a bra bag or pillowcase. You can also dry the dress or skirt by hand by placing it carefully between two towels and gently pressing. When storing your sequined garment, ensure it is hung up rather than folded as this will cause the sequins to fall out. If it is an immensely embellished dress, hanging it can create the risk of it stretching so in this case, you may have to lay it flat in a garment bag for storage or gently fold it by placing a cloth between its folds.

gold sequin skirt dress

A gold sequin skirt or sequined dress is an exceptional way to make a standout fashion statement for any occasion so make sure you take care of your sequin statement pieces to ensure they can be worn for fashionable decades to come.

gold sequin skirt sarah jessica parker



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