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Fashion Games – Planning your Next Soiree! - Trendscender

Fashion Games – Planning your Next Soiree!

Fashion games are a great addition to your next get together with the girls. We have put together a list of of fun activities to make your next sensational soiree more stylish!


Clothing/Accessory Swap

While it’s not necessarily a game, one of my favourite get-together activities are clothing and accessory swaps. Making an effort to donate gently used clothes on a regular basis to make room for those new seasonal additions is a routine activity for most women but why not share those goods with your girlfriends? For your next gathering, invite all your friends to bring items of clothes and accessories that they were going to donate – my general rule is if you haven’t worn it once in the last year, how likely is it that you will wear it again? If you’re still clinging onto clothes or styles that fit you in the 1990s or are too reminiscent of 1980s fashion, it may be time to let these pieces go and make some space in your closet for new treasures. Sharing is caring after all, this could lead to some exciting new ensembles for your friends while helping everyone lighten their wardrobe. Of course when clothes and accessories have been swapped, an impromptu fashion show should be in effect to showcase your new wardrobe staples!  Anything that wasn’t picked up should be donated to a local charity, at least you know that you’re not only helping those less fortunate but livening up your girls’ wardrobes as well.


You could always have fun doing blindfolded makeovers but to make things more interesting albeit less comical, with a group of at least 4+ girls you could decide amongst the group who has the best taste in lipstick, firmest hand for eye makeup application and who is the best at overall face coverage. With makeover assignments in hand, take turns applying the makeup you have been assigned to each girl in the group. This could lead to fun and inventive makeup application and also a lesson in applying makeup from your favourite gal pals!

fashion-games-laughingFashion Maven

Anyone who’s seen “what not to wear” has secretly dreamed of being the next Stacey London or Clinton Kelly, giving those less fashionably inclined a lesson on what not to wear. While this activity is better suited for those of us who are less sensitive about their wardrobe, you could do a fashion haul on your own wardrobe, inviting your friends over to gab and gush over a few outfits that you’ve chosen. Your besties may be brutally honest in truthfully answering ‘do I look fat in this?’ so this activity is not for the faint hearted! You should be open to discussion when it comes to people’s opinions of what you look best in, and open to an eye of scrutiny, just remember we all have different styles so don’t take anything personally, keep an open mind and take it in as constructive criticism.

One of the best ways to bond with your girlfriends is enjoying their company over a round of fashion fun games so the next time you have a get together, try one of these activities and let the fashion fun flow!



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