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1980s Fashion - Fun, Flirty and Fierce - Trendscender

1980s Fashion – Fun, Flirty and Fierce

We all know fashion is cyclical, consider neons and layering which were trends popular in 1980s fashion having made their comeback to present day. There are many fashion  faux-pas when trying to incorporate this daring decade’s style into your wardrobe but we’ve pulled together the best ways to show off some the most bold and modern looks of the 1980s.


Eighties Fashion – Master the Makeup


This is where you can have the most fun with your look! Play around with a smokey eye and bold eye shadows. If you’re more comfortable playing homage to this decade in a more subtle way, rock neon or brightly coloured nails. Bold nails can step up any boring look, especially when paired with a clutch or accessories that bring attention to your hands.

Show off those Shoulders1980s-fashion-sarah-jessica-parker

1980s fashion is widely known for shoulderpads and powerful silhouettes but the most modern way to incorporate a strong shoulder into your look is to pay attention to your silhouette. If you’re petite, bold shoulders can help make a statement especially when paired with slim fit pants or a pencil skirt. Bold shoulders can make a drab office look step up to a powerhouse outfit. For pear shaped ladies looking to balance out their tops, shoulder pads if sitting right on the shoulder bone, can help balance your shape.

Layers, layers, layers!

The 1980s were  all about layering and piling onto your looks, whether it was a short skirt with bright stockings paired with leg warmers or a denim vest with a tank top and layers of necklaces to match. Layering can get dangerous if it’s not done properly, it can make an intended to be sleek look come off as messy.  Try layering abstracts prints with a neutral or natural palette. If you’ve layered a black turtleneck with a grey scarf and black blazer, throw on a graphic skirt to brighten up your look.  If you’re layering for the Fall or Winter, opt for a stylish shawl. A shawl can make any look more comfortable and it’s an easy layer to take off and make a daytime style more evening appropriate.

Bold makeup, layers and strong shoulders help embody the peeks of 1980s fashion, this decade offered many trends to the fashion industry but the ones we’ve mentioned seem to be the most timeless, classic and fashion-forward. 1980s fashion is constantly making a comeback on the runways and in street style, there are many ways to incorporate these fashion trends as long as you’re making sure you’re keeping your style chic, sleek and modern at the same time.



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