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Roaring 20s Costumes - Tips and Trends - Trendscender

Roaring 20s Costumes – Tips and Trends

1920s costumes are fashionable for Halloween or theme parties. As an ode to 1920s fashion, we have put together tips on how you can assemble the perfect flapper costumes.


Flapper Costumes

A drop waist dress or a sleeveless shift dress is a perfect start to any flapper ensemble. The dress should ideally have hemline just below or above the knee. Fringe, feather or sequin embellishments are true to flapper fashion. A pair of chunky kitten heels, t-strap or Mary Jane and a feathered headband are all great ways to complete the look. Flapper makeup is typically bold, dark smoldering eyes and red lipstick, aiming for the perfect cupid’s bow. Dark thick eyebrows also often accompanied bold dark eyes. If you can’t sport a short bob, wear your hair slicked back or in tight curls, better yet wear the perfect throwback to 1920s fashion, a cloche. Boas, beads and pearls are also the ideal accessories for a flapper costume. A black fringed purse is also a great addition to complete the costume.

1920s-costumes-flapperDownton Abbey 1920s Costumes

Short brimmed classic cloche hats, sequined headbands and low hanging beaded or pendant necklaces are great accessories for a Downton Abbey inspired costume. Long sleeveless beaded or sequined dresses pay homage to the early charming 1920s.  A long pleated skirt or tiered tea length dress is a great daytime look inspired by the ladies of Downton Abbey. Black or white satin gloves are a must to polish off an elegant Downton Abbey look. In place of a headband, you could wear a beautifully embellished decorative haircomb, the perfect accessory for a formal dinner party.

Androgynous 1920s Costumes

If you’re looking for a more androgynous 1920s look then you can try a more boyish aesthetic. This is pulled off by wearing a more sporty outfit such as pair of oxfords with a striped knit V neck cardigan paired with a pair of wool or tweed trousers.  Plaid or herringbone were also popular fabrics in the 1920s so you could wear these patterns on a pair of slim fitting trousers and pair them with a matching vest and crisp white blouse.

1920s fashion inspired many trends that are still apparent in designer collections and street style, so the next costume, themed or Halloween party you go to, or simply for some fun inspiration for a night out, try one of these 1920s costumes and tips to mix up your look!



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